The first of many (hopefully)

This is the post excerpt.


So, yes. I have decided to start a blog. Not to copy anyone else but just for my own purpose. It will be filled with…well, me. (Giggity)

What I mean is, this is no ordinary blog. There will be random thoughts and quotes. Along with, if I can do it, recordings of my radio show. As well as some fan-fiction because, who doesn’t love some of that?  Also there will be some poetry dotted about here and there and just general interests. Maybe some cat pictures, who knows?

This won’t be a blog that is meticulously planned out but one that is made up of spur-of-the-moment posts. Just like me.



P.S. Might be, and this is a tiny might be, some recordings of me singing.

It has already been a month!

Golly gosh, just as the title reads, it has already been a month. One whole month of studying in Canada. And…I…am…loving it! I have made some great friends and the teachers here are awesome (not as awesome as you Devon XD).

My favourite teacher has to be Patrick. He teaches Arthurian Tradition and he is so passionate about this subject. But, he is also super down-to-earth and just great fun. He is fairly new so, still learning how everything works. It is great was things go wrong as he just stands there, panicking. Or he shouts at whatever it is. LOL.

The weather has been very sticky and humid, bleugh, the worst. I can’t wait for the cold weather. I have also joined loads of clubs and societies. Busy, busy, busy.

Well, I guess that’s it really. I mean, there’s not much more to say. Just I miss you all and I am having loads of fun xxxx

Side note: Criminal Minds was awesome last Wednesday. So psyched for this season. Oh, and OUaT is back this Friday!


Raise a toast to Bishop’s University!

Good morrow all! I am writing from Paterson Hall in Quebec.

I am writing from Paterson Hall in Quebec.

It has been very chock-a-block this week. Plus, I start classes today. I am in half 2 till 7*.

3 different lessons**!dammnnI have:

  • Intro to Shakespeare
  • Digital Flim-Making
  • Intro Japanese Lang
  • Senior Seminar Poetry
  • Arthurian Tradition.

Tis, not a long blog. For I have not the time. But, there will be updates. Short and sweet.

Tatty-bye for now. Sending much love xxxx

*Now, I am only in half 2 till half 5.
**Only two now.

It has been about Drei Monate

Drei Monate! A whole three months! That’s how long it has been, since my last post. Well,  to be fair, I have been rather busy. Busy with friends, busy sorting out Canada, just…busy. So very busy.

However, I don’t mean to leave such big gaps between the posts. I have been here, there and everywhere.

I went to Maybelthorpe with Sara for 10 days. I went to stay with a pal of mine, who goes by the name Psychopath (she knows who she is 😉) and then I stayed with Martin for a few days. And tomorrow? I am off to Bournemouth for one final orgy hurrah with peep-op-pull before heading to Canada.

It is all happening so fast. I will be on the airplane next Friday. planeTravelling alongside Bhinduka. All the way to the birthplace of Micheal Bublé. For nine months!

Well, that’s it…for now. I am hoping to do another one soon.

Tatty-bye xxx

¡Hola, mis amigos! It’s me again!

Yes, it is I…just as the title reads. Not that much of a wait this time, which is nice. I think?

First off, how art thou? I know you can’t reply but meh, it’s nice to know people care. I care. (whispers in your ear) I care so much.

Anyways, you probably want to know the reason behind me writing this blog post. What is this…I hear you cry. Another post? So soon? Is she crazy? Well, the answer to that…is yes. I am a little crazy.3397380-alice-in-wonderland-quotes-mad^great film.

Anyways, back to the topic and question in hand…why the post? Well, last weekend my boyfriend (Martin) and I took a day trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shackey-speare. Such a wonderful place. We took a picnic and walked around the town. We also became wizards after completing a quiz-type thing in a Harry Potter-esque shop.pizap.com14963295471151

But even this, is not the reason for my blog post. No, no. The reason is…a cat plush. What! All of that suspense and build up, for a cat plush? That’s it, I’m out. But, wait…there’s more.

For this plush was special, to me that is. To those who don’t know, I had to put my beloved cat Dougal down due to him having cancer a few months ago. He had been part of the family for 12 years so, as you can imagine, it hurt. It still does. The house is so quiet without Dougal’s non-stop purring. Anyhow, back to the plush.

This plush was a spitting image of Dougal, so naturally I bought him. But, the weird part? The name tag attached to the plush said George. And…I hear you shout. Well, George was Dougal’s original name before we renamed him after saving him from his abusive owners. Yes, you read that correctly. ‘George was Dougal’s original name’. Out of, goodness knows how many names…this little, cat plush had been called George.

Now, I am not really one for fate but, you have to admit…that’s f****** weird.

So there you have it, there’s the reason for this blog post. Well, there are many reasons but the Dougal plush is the main one.

Welp, that’s it folks. Nothing more to say, or write. So tatty-bye. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for another one of these beauties!!

It has been a long ass time since the last one.

Ass, ass, ass. Titty, titty, titty…whoops. Lost myself for a moment just then. Why, hello there. It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet. I have been rather busy bumble bee.  buzz

No, but seriously. I have been busy. Busy with uni work. Busy getting my children’s book together so that it can be published. Busy packing up as the moving out date draws ever closer. Plus, I have been writing fan fiction and drawing random cartoons. Oh, and I have been getting my life in order so that I can go to Canada to study abroad come this September. downloadWell, that’s it really. Oh and a quick shout out to the fantastic BBC drama: Line Of Duty. If you haven’t watched this, I 100% recommend it. It is so good. Plus, Martin Compston is fit as f***. I mean…hot damn.

Up next in my life? My work placement with Tom Fowler and Georgia Jerrey. Oh, and the Summer Ball.ezgif.com-add-text


It’s that time again!

Good morrow all. I know it has been a while since my last blog but, meh. Deal with it ;). Like I said, this isn’t going to be scheduled or planned out, it is spontaneous. spon

I don’t really get on with planning things. If I tend to plan things, something always goes wrong or fails. So now? I don’t bother. I do things when the moment arises. I put things off until night as, for me? It is the best time.


Which is why, most times, I am up at 3am writing. That is when my brain likes to work.

Well, that’s all folks. For now…anyway.


Blog: Numero Uno

I know that it has been rather long time since I first wrote on here but, I been busy with Uni works and, I recently downloaded a new game on my tablet called Doctor Who Legacy and, sweet baby Jesus, it is addictive.

Plus, I have been writing/updating my fan-fictions. So many fan-fictions. There will hopefully be some put on here soon. No telling when though. I have a Sherlock one, multiple Criminal Minds ones, OUaT ones, A RotG mixed with Frozen one. Not to mention, many others bubbling in my brain.

Also, I have only just turned 22 so I have been celebrating getting one year closer to death. LOL, I kid. But I have been celebrating.

I recently saw Moana at the cinema with my boyfriend. If you haven’t seen it, then brave-cartoon-dishonor-disney-favim-com-1169836

But, seriously, you need to see it. WARNING – the songs are catchy AF.

Not sure if it will work but, this is me singing ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana: https://www.smule.com/recording/aulii-cravalho-from-disneys-moana-how-far-ill-go/987781322_940304592